A child that nobody Wants

Saranya Narayana Moorthy
3 min readMay 20

The one that never Owes you one.

Sometimes due to circumstances and other times due to preferences.

I hate it when people say, You Owe Me!

Especially in family. Be it your spouse or someone you see everyday.

Would you ever count the number of noodles you share ? But perhaps it’s counted it seems.

Every damn thing is calculative.

Starting from every loving act of financial spent that comes in terms of education or in terms of upliftment, it’s owed back.

Maybe that is how human race is. They were cultivated with a mindset that if you care for something now they will owe back to you.

It’s sick when you realise almost everything you do everyday is calculated. Parents calculate what’s spent on their child — so they can ensure an EQUAL share to each other.

Siblings calculate what’s in their share of Living. Kids calculating what is spent as an allowance for parents, a wife calculating how much his husband spends for his family versus hers. A husband calculating how much his wife spend on shopping in a month while there is zero calculations on what is spent on his entertainment.

Not just with money or with assets.

But this calculation continuous even with simple acts of what should be considered as lifes best moments.

“We spent so much to raise you how can you take this decision all by your own?”

“I spent so much time shaping you into who you are today how can you now take independent decisions?”

Egoistic? Tough headed? Selfish? Head weighted?

“Now that you are independent, you don’t care about us!”

“Now that you have everything, you don’t need us anymore!”

Hmmmmmmmmmmm….! What else?

What supposed to be a beautiful life doing what you love or what makes you laugh is now just a mathematical equation that people try to balance off every single day.

Education is created out of which job will pay you the most rather than which will make you purposeful.

A profession is selected based on which one would give you highest pay check rather than highest ounce of satisfaction.

And you know the worst of all?

A life partner is chosen based on if he or she checks all the boxes with respect to the criteria of the prerequisite that a family demands.

Oops! Are you in a business of trading futures?

Because from what I see a married life is not just about what you do in your life or how you project yourself to be.

It’s about waking up every single day blushing. It’s about making a promise to face any financial/life’s conflict with joined hands.

Life isn’t about avoiding problems. It’s about facing them together.

Life is a promise not a balance sheet.

But it seems that you owe it to someone to choose a balance sheet that actually makes them feel prestigious. A balance sheet that guarantees rather than satisfies.

Creating a balance sheet that tally rather than filled with laughter.

You know when trust gets broken?

Not when you let the other person down but when you put your wants above their needs.

Your trust gets broken when someone choses not to choose your happiness over….

I don’t know prestige or social rank or what some totally irrelevant people would say or something that would actually…. I don’t know what…

I really do not know…

But, let me just tell you this. No one Owes anyone. It’s a matter of whatever you CHOOSE.

If Parenting/Relationships/Families are About trading favours to claim it back..

Choose to Never have a Family.

That will serve you better.

Saranya Narayana Moorthy

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