Connecting to my Soul’s Calling via — The Magnetic Field

Sometimes we feel vibrations. The ones that we feel deeper and deeper and sometimes feel like they come from within. Today, it's 5:36 AM as I write this and I am right under the sky. The Lighting Up Purple Sky.

Okay, let me take you down my routine. Every day when I wake up early, I have the habit of watching the sunrise/ The Sun rising from the other horizon of the earth to here.

Ironical, but do we realise that our Sunrise is someone’s Sunset?

Oh yeah! That’s how life is designed. But never mind. It does get easier along the way.

After all, sunsets are not bad. They still make a beautiful evening.

So with these thoughts that lighten up my soul, I am here watching the sky as it turns Purple before dashing its crimson flavours of the Mighty Sun. As I sit here, I am experiencing a surreal calmness and a feeling of connecting deeper and closer to the higher power. The Mighty Universe/God /The creator who planned the soul cycles. (Could also be my higher self/subconscious for that matter)

The connection goes supremely deeper and I cannot stop feeling excited.

Ever heard about Abraham Hicks or Manifestation?

Well, now is when these happen in real life for me.

Now, before you go nuts or scream at me for being irrelevant or confusing — let me clarify it for you.

As a human, you are more than what you see on the exterior. Your Physical self is just one part of the equation. Like around 20% of the whole part. The remaining are perhaps your Mental Being, Your Emotional Being, the Soul, the Spiritual Self and lastly the Energetic Self.

When you pay enough attention to your Physical body to make it healthy or at least prevent it from getting sick, you have the power to focus on your Mental Health. This is where you understand what you think, why you overthink, and whether are you mentally doing well or fine erc. All of these come here. But beyond this, when your mental self-connection is supreme, when you are Mentally Stable, you naturally focus on the next connection. Either the Spiritual or Soul connection. This is the part of life where you chase your purpose or the purpose finds you or you expose yourself to multiple channels of greater good. Etc.

As humans, we are never contented. In a good way. Though we have dreams, and even if we live in our dream life — there is always a higher phase we want to reach. Hence, being mentally fit and soulfully purposeful would stir you towards the next state.

When do I reach Actualisation? Or if you are religious — The State of Nirvana.

Nirvana is the Freedom. I remember learning it in class 6. Freedom from Life and death — is the exact definition of Nirvana.

What it actually means is, that you wouldn’t fear death anymore as you finally understand death is simply a gateway in the loop. It's like the Ouroborus. The symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Ouroboros has emerged now as a messenger of rebirth and renewal. Their species have a unique process that includes shedding and regenerating their own skin. By way of this message, you are being reminded that you have the same opportunity for renewal. If you have been stuck in a situation that feels stale or unsupportive, it may be time to shed the old habitual patterns, negative thoughts and behaviours. This could be the physical shedding of relationships or indicate that limiting thoughts about what is possible or what isn’t may need to be shed as well. Each season we have an opportune time to refresh, re-evaluate and reorganize our energy. Ultimately, this symbol is here to show you that you are an infinite being. Use this message to reclaim your sense of wholeness and begin the new phase now.

I release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits that limit my growth. I acknowledge that I am capable. I am ready for the new!

The reason why I wanna tell you this now is, I feel like I am already there. Attaining Nirvana, being fulfilled while still learning to grow and growing along the way. If you are thinking that everything here isn’t fact and I am just in a state of illusionary hallucination, let me again clarify why I feel what I feel.

Around roughly a Year and a half back, I stepped into the world of self-realisation. It started with understanding my thoughts, why I think what I think and finally realizing not everything I think is true or worthy of my time. Understanding my thoughts though has been a small fragment of the whole process, this has been my opening gate. The gate to dive deeper into the real me. And from there, as I progressed I began taking up more and more healing sessions that would take me on a deeper inner journey. The journey where I can be guided to be protected from me, removing the self-sabotaging beliefs and giving away heightened moments of emotional fulfilment, realizing self AND coming up with

That’s when I was able to connect deeper and deeper into my intuition and the force that guided me from the inside. Giving me the fullest support to take over the leading power of my life.

For those who are science beings, here is my full-blown structure of how this can happen.

Our Bodies are vessels. Mere containers of our soul. This is powered by the energy that is absorbed from the universe we are in and the magnetic field around us. Let’s say, the earth has poles just like the magnet. And this magnet has both positive and negative. And just like gravity, there are more profound waves of energy circling us at this very moment. We see just in 3 dimensions. But if our eyes are capable of seeing in 9 dimensions, we can most certainly see the waves of energy around us as well. (This is what is labelled as Aura). Now, as we are born — our soul (Read Dr. Brian Weiss) is put into a container (body) and we are here in our life. Life isn’t the same for all of us, so we go through our own ‘personalised’ journey of ups and downs to lead a life that’s ours.

Some of us create a mark here, and some of us don’t. But we all learn, evolve and grow. And if you understand it right — this is the whole significance of life.

So let’s say you learn and grow when you die — your soul goes back to the source. (Heaven/Light/Sky/our of the world — wherever you feel comfortable to relate to). And once you are there, you get to have a Bioscopic view of your just completed journey, aka your life.

Woah! Exciting right? Yes! Now, the soul — which is the wisest being, the one that isn’t loaded with anything other than serenity is reflecting on how it leads life.

So if you see, the soul learnt a lot more from this life than how it was before. So yes, there is a progress made. And that — is the whole point of leading a life. Evolution.

If you see some kids being mature and highly advanced either in a skill or their ability to do something or even in their way of being around people, you can see that they already have patience, kindness and a soothing presence. All of these are because they have gone through Multiple lives and are now in a profound level of evolution. On the other end, you might still see people who give in to the wrong side, who give out more hatred than Love, and people who carry negative emotions with them for a long time, they are probably people who are yet to learn a lot and haven’t gone through multiple Lives to teach them the essence of what it means to live.

Back to our narration, when our soul becomes a part of the bigger picture, during its reflection — it understands every moment of pain/joy it has inflicted on itself or on someone else and how well the contribution is carried out. Based on the deeds, the Karmic score or balance is generated.

Now, let’s speak of what a Karmic Balance is.

Let’s say someone gives you 1000 coins. Now, they are +(plus) in thousands and you are —(minus) in thousands. Agree? Yes, it's not based on who has it, but based on who has given it. So technically, you owe them 1000 coins or 1000 coins worth of something, because you have received it and haven’t given back the same amount.

Now this is exactly how Karmic balance works. Except, it doesn’t work in terms of materialistic elements, but rather in your intentions. For eg: If you think of helping someone you are in +, if you are being helped and never returned back to someone else, then you are in -. If you are a disabled person, then you are forced to be helped. So you receive too much from people around you — in terms of Love, Affection, care etc. But you might not have a chance to pay them back the same love. So your Karmic score would be — 237898(minus) and the other person (everyone who helped) would have + 237898(plus) or split depending on who helped you, and in what way.

Now after you are dead, you still have to settle the score or give people what you owe them. So now, based on this and based on the growth you wanted to accomplish you design your next life’s journey.

Here’s what I mean by growth:

The purpose your soul goes through these multiple lifetimes is two.

1. To reach its highest self and be wiser

2. To Experience and enjoy the process of progress.

Growth is the process of intentionally choosing the rights, and getting the balance on equals. So let’s say you have too much anger now, or if you experience certain emotions in an extremely outrageous or uncontrollable manner — then you can understand that, the primary purpose of your life is to master it and gain control of that one emotion while still enjoying the process and doing as many good deeds as you can.

And trust me, if you notice it — you will get more situations or circumstances ‘designed’ to give you opportunities to choose to do it the right way. But yeah, you might give in to your weakness most of the time, but that’s a part of the journey as well.

Now you might ask, how is this correlated or in other words — orchestrated?

Here’s the main picture.

Once your body dies and your soul is out of the body, it goes back to its space. Let’s say like a white space where it belongs. Now it reflects on the life it just led and evaluated the karmic score and the learning that happened.

It surely would have elements that were first improved and the ones that still need work.

Now the soul will map out an entire life’s journey based on what it realized as: “work to be done”.

So basically your soul decides what you go through in this life. Every situation and circumstance you are in right now is designed, planned and orchestrated by your own soul.

I am writing this right now and it is 6.31 A.m, My soul has planned for me to make you aware of this and learn from whatever consequences this brings on. So the point is — you designed life this way and you gave yourself the success, struggles, the circumstances, the environment, problems, happiness, smiles and every other thing because you wanted yourself to learn from it and evolve.

Whoo! I said it.

Yes, that’s how the whole journey is.

Going back to our scientific stance of how I feel intuitions.

So like I said, the magnetic field of the earth combined with the questions in the mind is strong enough to penetrate deeper and deeper into the subconscious to tap into and get answers from within. May be from the wisdom of our souls that lie buried deeper than the Mariana trench or the extremely logical part of the brain that would decode what exactly is ‘right’ according to our own inbuilt glossary defined by our multiple experiences and experiments.

Now as this happens, most of the questions you have can be solved when you go deeper inside your being and intuitively connect to the source that gives you the answer. And that source is majorly right because you don’t derive answers from assumptions or from someone else’s journey, but from deep within you, based on your own designed journey.

Ever wondered why someone’s right can be someone else’s wrong and people always have mixed opinions and are never unanimous?

It's because we have varied realities, varied perspectives, varied goals and most importantly, varied life journeys. We aren’t here to learn the same things. We are here to learn different components that enrich our souls. That’s why we relate or ‘vibe’ only with certain people and not with everyone.

We are different people put together to create harmony. That is why is essential to choose what you want in life and not always blindly follow someone else like a sheep in a herd. Take advice, Keep your eyes and ears open, but choose for yourself.

Ufff! That was a lot. Right?

But let me tell you this, every time I have an intuition — it makes me realise a part of life and that realization or in other words, the lesson — has pushed me further in life and has always manifested as goodwill and made me communicate deeper and in a way that reflects love.

Am I perfect here? Definitely Not. Have I mastered it? Hell No!

We are all a work in progress. But the point here is, I am working on my progress actively and giving the world a bit more love than how I did yesterday.

See there are just two languages in the world. Love & Fear.

The more you give out love to the world around you, you are in a better place, and the more you give out anti-love or throw hatred using your words, actions and intentions, you need to learn more.

With that being said,

It 6 40 A.m. and I am here with the Sun shining right at my face. The sky is as light as it can get and the birds are chirping happily around me. The magnetic field has smoothened itself. So now I am all in my most conscious logical mind to go through my day, a day that is taking me a step closer to learning what my soul is designed to learn.

Happy Weekend 😊



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