Day Zero of 75-day Powerhouse Challenge — the Metamorphosis

Saranya Narayana Moorthy
5 min readMay 31
Day Zero of 75-day Powerhouse Challenge — the Metamorphosis | Saranya Narayana Moorthy | Self Improvement

The day started at 5 34 Am when I woke up from an alarm clock after a long time. Yes, I ditched alarm clocks and woke up when my body felt like it. But now, since I took up this challenge, one of the main highlights was waking up early in the morning.

My waking up early is ideally 4 Am, but let me go through it step by step. I used to wake up at that time before, and now I have gone too far from t, and usually it's 7 aM OR 7 30 Am. so I am giving my body the time to adjust.

So immediately after I wake up, its self-care and reading a book. Today I read Challenger Sale. However, I realized at that time, I didn’t find it interesting and started dreaming.

May be for tomorrow, I have to pick a better book and find some other time to read this book.

I do not want to go with fiction since the day’s mood wouldn’t be set. So let’s say I am still figuring out the choice of book.

Next, I went upstairs to the terrace. The sun was just raising. It was a splendid site. I walked for a while and decided to write the day's intentions.

Infact, I didn’t know what to write so I was very plain and wrote about the most general things. My Wins of the day looked like this:

  1. Prepare good content for LinkedIn
  2. Sort out the Consultation Pipeline
  3. Prepare for client consultation
  4. Start Reading the Book by Alex Hormozi

and my daily tasks:

  1. Remind about IG LIVE scheduled tomorrow
  2. post in some groups and engage
  3. write a case concept
  4. create CRM

So usually, my Todo list will be sorted better, but this is what I got today. Its just day Zero. so its okay, is what I said to myself.

I pushed myself to do the laundry, order essentials and get ready.

I was ready by 9 Am when I saw Mom preparing hakka Noodles. I didn’t want to have sause with it. Cuz again, one of my intentions in the 75 day powerhouse challenge was to eat healthy and sause is ultra processed food.

Hence I chopped some onions and made a good gravy out of it. The output was Yummy.

Healthy Eating

Now when I stepped into work, I started doing the client reading and replying to mails and calendar invites. The sorting was going on. I prefer having a clean schedule where everything is sorted and I know what i am gonna be doing. I kinda avoid surprise works cus it strips me of my focus.

Next was a meeting. This was a meeting where I expected the next level of business upgrade to happen with the client. But due to delays from our side the client now said she wants to double think the timing of the next one. Which I totally did not expect.

Oops! But, she gave me a wide sense of insight towards what it feels like from the clientside and certain downsides for me to focus on, which was a turnkey moment for me.

I am glad it happened, is what I should say. Becasue else, I wouldn’t have got the insights.

But yeah, loss of business :/

Since you are up to here, here’s is a little learning from my day:

‘If you promise something to your client, one of the most essential things they expect out of it is Timely Delivery. Because if not for that, the workflow that you just setup isn’t as effective as you said it is. In other words, never delay a company of a project.

Its not just a project delay, but you are bleeding a company dry’

After that I had a few other consultation calls lined up which was pretty exciting, I had a call with a premium resort owner in Punjab, helped him sort out how his brand positioning should be and how he can attract better clients, we worked on a different variant of customer persona and the insights were pretty elaborate.

So here is what I am planning to before the next consulting calls to make the experience better:

  1. Have a thorough look into the website and socials and prepare a idea of what needs to be worked on as a document [have separate documents for each business].
  2. During the call- take insights, notes, problems and pain points — record the session and the suggestions can go into it.
  3. Now that you have a total package, send it to them as a case concept.
  4. This can also go in our website/collection while also giving the prospect a detailed overview.
  5. Let me do this right from tomorrow and today — let me complete it for the resort client who just left a feedback stating, ‘it would have been good if we have one.’

Now, one thing I realised today is this:

I have been too much on calendar and scheduling things, and I remember Ramit [Financial Consultant] saying, ‘Life should be outside Spreadsheet’. And I have been too much on devices, calendar and work.

So may be I should zone out, but if I do — I am losing out on a lot. like this documentation and journalling took me one hour.

So I need to manage time efficiently and work on my strengths.

So let’s see what I am focusing on and what I am withdrawing from.

Now that we are at 6pm of the day, I am heading out for a walk and some badminton afterwards followed by a light dinner.

So with that being said, here’s day zero. I would rank it as 6/10, as I didn’t meet a lot of things planned like,

  1. Meditating
  2. Engaging through all social channels
  3. writing a poem
  4. Working out twice a day
  5. Learn something new
  6. Talk to minimum 2 new people
  7. Manage CRM [I need to set this up first]

So I hope day 1 would start strong — let’s get going now!

dO let me know which part of this you liked the most and which part you think needs better clarity. The more you give me feedbacks, I am sure, the output is gonna be great!

So with that being said, signing off for now,

$aranya Narayana Moorthy

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