Don’t Cry when they Die!

Saranya Narayana Moorthy
3 min readMay 27

Death should be peaceful.

Not yelling, not crying, not much struggle.

What you are mourning for is just a body. When you look from a soul circle, you will realize a body is just a form that the soul takes.

I believe after death — the soul of the dead person lurks with their family/people who matter for the next few days before going on to its next incarnation.

And when you Cry adversely, it not just disturbs the vibe around but also creates a huge impact on the soul that just parted away.

Today I saw a funeral service that went through the street.

With sounds of crackers disturbed almost every meeting of mine, a water tanker filling the streets with water, a huge funeral service vehicle decorated with a minimum of 25kg flowers, and with few of his family members parading.

But when the sound of this subsided, I also saw a group of women out of which two of them were screaming to the top of their lungs.

I guess that should be the wife and maybe the sibling of the man who died.

But when I listened keenly to what they said while they were crying, it was predominantly towards who will take care of my child what will I do from tomorrow morning you will be gone, and so on and so forth.

The lady cried almost until the funeral vehicle was entirely out of sight.

That’s when I realized has she not come to terms with his death.

Yes, death is sad no one can say otherwise.

But do the realize that death is just the body leaving the world and nothing beyond that?

What happens when people leave the country, and you cannot be in touch with them? You live with the hope that someday the will return back.

But here you do not have that home because you know for sure you will not meet that person again.

When death hits the door, It’s unforgettable and sometimes doesn’t let you move on. But what most of us do not realize is: What’s gone is gone. Who’s gone is gone.

BreakUp happens, People Leave, dogs die, houses fall, and life takes a turn for the worse.

Shit Happens. That’s Life.

The grievance is one side; speaking of leftover responsibilities is one side. When I saw them crying out aloud, actually wailing their hearts out, all I could think was:

“If that’s all you could say, minutes after his body left the corner of the street, Is it a responsibility or a relationship”

Leaving you with a Disclaimer I have not dealt with death yet. Not anything of human nature. So I am not sure how I would react.

But from a varied perspective: Crying after someone’s death is one of the most ‘useless’ things humans can ever do.

If you cannot cherish the moments of life with someone or use your ‘Living moments’ to plan for what would happen after death, then you simply haven’t lived it to the fullest.

Sob all you want after someone dies. But today — Go Love someone who is still Alive. Give them the best essence of life. Cuz, if you do — you wouldn’t regret not covering the bases when someone is no more.

If you live life like it matters, you will always have time.

Saranya Narayana Moorthy

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