Revenge is the best Revenge

Saranya Narayana Moorthy
1 min readMay 15

We all have a Dark Side.

And it needs to be fed. Sometimes with Revenge sometimes with Insanity.

But either way, if not - you'll never be Sane.

Spiked Adrenaline, Spoiled Life, Spilled Blood excite me more than any Naked Lustful throb ever did.

Maybe that's it. We don't love the orgasm, we just love the vengeance the climax makes us feel.

The vengeance that's exerted when you Murder/watch the dreading cries.

Maybe a human is Half Angel & Half Devil.

That's we have sharp minds & Loyal hearts.

We don't need horns to kill. Actions do better.


We never need fire to burn
Ego burns enough.

We sought paradise in the hearts of someone we love, while holding a two edged sword against ourselves all the time.

The Love that's uncertain.

Forever is a Lie, they said. It's an Illusion I say.

Until an agent of chaos comes by.

You know the irony of destroying a person?

You can only destroy someone who trusts you!

Saranya Narayana Moorthy

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