The Magic behind reaching where you always wanted to be.

If you notice it keenly, life often has its own way of taking us closer to what we need. It's just that sometimes we aren’t mature enough to see it.

Many of us feel life is unfair and that we do not deserve what we go through. But do we know the entire journey that we have ahead of us?

Take, for example, the life of a wrestler — every day is filled with bruises, hits, bleeding, and body pains. While the painter’s life is filled with blossoms, search for realization, inspiring landscapes, and so on. If you take the life of a Businessman, it's filled with documentation, forecasting, severe projections, challenging client discussions, etc. Now when you see the journey, the businessman wouldn’t be tough enough to withstand brutal physical blows. Neither is his body trained to resist it nor is his journey expected to take him through it.

A Painter wouldn’t need to study business projections unless his own practice demands him to. And at that stage, he either takes himself through the journey of laborious documentation or is forced to skip the destination. Similarly with the wrestler, being able to appreciate calmness and beauty in simple things is something his tough mind finds hard to do.

If you notice the bottom line, we take up practices and training to take us through the professional journey we are more inclined towards. Whereas, when it comes to life’s journey — it's not as exactly created as we planned. Other various factors play a vital role. Factors ranging from life events, opportunities, the path our mind, soul, and destiny take us, and so on. The more we try to control ourselves, the longer we can stay on the path with an accompanied strong mindset. But we all would agree that the predominant parts of this aren’t in our control.

We can choose where we want to live. But we cannot decide how long we get to stay there. We can choose whom we want to live with, but we cannot determine how that life will be. We can decide how healthy we want to live. But we cannot choose how long we get to live.

So the point is. It's unpredictable. But — what is certain is the journey is consistent and not straightforward.

So when we trust our professional patterns, though we might not end up in our dream job, every step in the way counts as a knowledge stone. A milestone that we can add in. And each step takes us closer to the destination. We have faith. A strong faith that we will end up in a place better than where we were before.

So when you put in such trust, a faith in the indefinite life’s journey that comes along — you are doing yourself a favor by,

  1. Making the process efficient and frictionless
  2. Catalyzing the process by giving yourself the freedom to learn
  3. Expanding your horizons by seeing every obstacle as an opportunity

You are trusting the universe to make you the masterpiece you always wanted to be. And in return, when you trust — the magnificent life takes you through an unforgettable journey that will make you unstoppable.

So, let’s have some little trust to help the universe make us a better version of ourselves.

Love yourself. Love your Journey. Love every objection you are facing.

Because sometimes, they sculpt you. And sometimes they teach you the direction you wouldn’t wanna take. But either way, they add a perspective and pointer to who you are.

Wishing you Happiness and Growth in your Journey.

$aranya Narayana Moorthy



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